"I am a painter, always anticipating my own evolution with a heart deeply rooted in my culture. Though I take my inspiration from sources around me (the land and its people), at the core of my efforts is always - the desire to paint."

A native of Deep South Texas, I have come to know life and culture on both sides of the Lower Rio Grande River (or dependent on who you’re talking to) “El Rio Bravo”. Through the social and cultural exchange of our traditions, customs, faith, rituals, folk medicine, folklore, legends and ceremony - my personal growth through these have helped inspire and mold my ideas. My culture is the foundation upon which I have built my work. This year 2018, I take pride in celebrating 29 years of professionally painting what I know, Mi Gente... My People! 

As a Cultural Narrative Painter, my objective in depicting select facets of disappearing rural America through the Mexican American experience is to encapsulate the old-ways of living in Deep South Texas. 'La Frontera'! This is motivated by a proud, culture-driven and nostalgic passion to visually record and preserve a slice of our history as a contribution to my community, particularly for the younger generations who will know nothing of the people who worked hand to table to settle/establish and preserve what they brought into North America from Mexico via Spain. Though I can only contribute what was passed on to me through personal (hands-on) experience, observation, recollection or the careful teachings of mentors and elders, it is important that I use my work as an instrument of awareness, education, preservation and pride. Equally important are that my images draw forth familiarity and recollection of old memories among all Mexican Americans, Latinos & Chicanos, in addition to serving as an educational documentation for others who embrace our culture as well. I recognize that as a visual artist I have the natural and inherent capability to remind others of what they so easily forget, thus my long-term intention to continue utilizing this as a paradigm in my work.


Celina Hinojosa