Project Room B (Community)






Project Room B (Community)


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Note From The Artist,

    Please excuse the omission of Projects in Room B - Community for the last few years.

All projects were not posted in this room, moreover conducted and announced on a private basis with

Certified Clients and 'To-The-Rescue Collectors' who acted with swiftness and GRACE for these various charities.

A special Thank You goes out to you special folks, who "helped me to help them" during my time

of tremendous family hardship, as we all inevitably must endure at certain seasons in our lives (M&D††).

Though I was unavailable for these occasions and public events...we did it!

I will post here again for all to have a chance to partake in the coming years.

 Celina D. Hinojosa




Project 1 - 2013

Say Si - SSWLC

SMALL SCALE WORK {for a} Larger Cause

Celebrating their Sweet 16th Year!



(CONCEPT):         "Say Si" Small Scale Work for a Larger Cause (Sweet 16)

                                     Benefit and Exhibition - Silent Art Auction 

                                    Accepting Bids or Budget Registration for Celina Hinojosa's Donations.


(OBJECTIVE):       To help the Say Si Project raise the maximum amount possible for 

                                    for the two donations; while aiding the Artist's own collectors in acquiring a piece other-wise 

                                    unavailable to the public.


(DURATION):       March 18 - Friday 22, 2013


(SUMMARY):       Open to Celina's private collectors and certified clients (inquire within  

                             via web-form for eligibility). Only the top two bids/budgets will be represented by proxy

                                    the evening of the auction. This is a wonderful way to support young adults in the Arts

                                    as well as serving as a tax deduction for the collector.    


(NOTE):                   Deadline for Bids and Budget Registration must be submitted via web-form

                                    on the Contact page of this web-site no later than 3:00 p.m. Friday 22, 2013

                                    (the afternoon of the auction).


(OTHER):              HELP RED DOT THIS PIECE NOW AND RECEIVE SPECIAL PRIVILEGE TOWARD A                                               FUTURE PURCHASE THROUGH THIS COMPANY. INFORMATION WILL BE SHARED                                           ONLY TO PATRONS WILLING TO SECURE A PIECE THROUGH THE "BUY IT NOW"                                               OPTION.  

                                    Patrons may buy the artwork now at 30% over the Artist's determined value.                                                          The artwork will stay up, but will be marked sold by the placement of a RED DOT;                                                   therefore not be included in either of the auction lots the evening of Friday's event.

                                    100% of the proceeds will benefit the Say Si programs. Please be prepared for                                                         immediate payment to this organization.

                                    Celina's two donations are both valued at $850 and are scheduled to be auctioned in                                           the premiere lot of the evening. Contact Celina (via web-form) now and benefit from a                                           very special opportunity for having further aided Celina to help this charity.

                                    Please act now as Say Si has suddenly adjusted the date of the SMALL-SCALE                                                       FUNDRAISER. We are presently attempting to communicate with them to verify this                                               sudden change . . . if there are any further updates we will post immediately!    


(POSTED):          March 19, 2013


(CONCLUSION): Project Closed. . ."Happy 16th Say Sí" !!!



See Below




El Juguetón se Llama Heineken

14"x 14"

Pigment Ink on Watercolor Paper

Signed AP/PP

Valued at $850

Arrimate Cabrón

14"x 14"

Pigment Ink on Watercolor Paper

Signed AP/PP

Valued at $850



Note from the Artist:

I'd like to thank Patrons in advance for contributing to this project. Help me to help SaySi and in turn,  I help you with a wonderful opportunity! As always my sincere gratitude for your patronage. Visit  www.saysi.org ; go to Small Scale Art Slide Show ( page 2) for verification.

Celina Hinojosa











                     Small Scale Work For A Larger Cause 2012 

                           Benefit And Exhibition - SILENT ART AUCTION -

                      Bid or Budget Registration - for Celina Hinojosa's donation. 

(OBJECTIVE):  To help the Say-Si Project raise as much as possible for this particular donation, while aiding my

                           own collectors in acquiring a piece otherwise unavailable to the public.

(DURATION):  MARCH 1 - MARCH  23, 2012

(SUMMARY):    CHARITABLE DONATION to The Say-Si Art School. Patrons and Certified Clients

                           are invited to submit a bid or a budget to the Artist for the donated piece (seen below). This is in

                           the event you are unable to attend (i.e. out-of-towners unfamiliar with Say/Si) but would like to

                           have a shot at this little piece...while donating to a great cause. 

(NOTE):         DEADLINE for Bid & Budget Registration for Celina Hinojosa's piece is 

                          (Thursday March 22, 2012 @ 6:00 pm).



Thursday, March 1, 2012, 7 to 9 PM - private preview event for artists and sponsors [invitation only].
Friday, March 2 - Thurs., March, 22 - public viewing: Mon.-Thu. 11 AM to 7 PM, Fri. & Sat. 11 AM to 5 PM
Friday, March 23, 6:30 to 9:30 PM - Small Scale Fund-Raiser and Silent Auction [artists admitted free].
ALL the artwork will be in a ready-to-hang format (presented in the main Gallery) & will have a minimum opening bid of $75 or 25%
of the value the artist has set. This year there is a "BUY IT NOW" option at the VIP event. If you would like to take a piece  
home that evening, you may do so for the full value of the Artist's artwork plus 50%. Choosing to do this, you will secure your piece and visitors will only be able to admire it through out the month, but bidding is automatically closed on that piece!  
(UPDATE):  WOW...A wonderful success with a very generous bid of $3,200 - straight out of the shoot!
                      Congratulations to the Collector who optioned out to "BUY IT NOW" at Thursday night's Private Preview Event! 
                      This is certainly an honor for me, and I thank you on behalf of The SaySi Organization and  
                      Charity...Mil Gracias! 
                         FRIENDS - On behalf of this charity (which is close to my heart), I ask that you visit the night of
                                          The Small Scale Fund-Raiser and Silent Art Auction to add or perhaps start your collections
                                          with a small piece from a great line-up of celebrated & popular artists. I ask on their behalf that
                                          you reach deep into your hearts and pocket-books and give these talented students the chance to
                                          fulfill their DREAMS!
                                          I will be in attendance to further support this effort. Hope to see you there!
Join SaySí as they celebrate the contributions
to arts education with the 2012 recipients. 
Go to saysi.org now
to preview artwork
buy tickets
get information
at SaySí
1518 South Alamo
S.A. TX 78204 
 Only a limited number of tickets will be available for the March 23rd auction. 
(POSTED): FEBRUARY 27, 2012 
                    See Celina Hinojosa's small-scale donation below.
         This short film was presented March 2012 in support of SaySí - 2012,
                         a charity close to the Artist's heart!
(CONCLUSION):                             PROJECT CLOSED!
(POSTED):    March 23, 2012

Celina Hinojosa

"Jarrito Morenito"

© 2012

10" x 10"

Acrylic on Canvas

Dedicated to the SaySí - 2012,

Annual Youth Arts Education

Advocacy Program.





PROJECT ll  (2011 - 2017) 





(OBJECTIVE):   To aid a Past Collector in the resale of "three out of four" - original pieces.

(DURATION):    OCTOBER 31, 2011  -  OCTOBER 31, 2017 . 

(SUMMARY):    In Excellent Condition, Four Pastel Drawings will be available for resale in this Project Room.

                        Some folks hold on...and some folks move on to make way for "The New". Limited space and evolving tastes are usually

                        the case. Once three drawings are successfully sold, the forth will be donated to a Museum of the Artist's choice

                        (unless met with a better offer). Names of the Private Collector will remain anonymous at this site yet made known 

                        to the buyer(s) on a history sheet provided by the Artist.  

(STATUS):        PENDING! As this is a big decision for most collectors, this project is still being decided upon. If canceled, another is

                         already standing by to take its place. July 21, 2011.

(UPDATE):       Project On!

(POSTED):      JULY 29, 2011

(CONCLUSION):  JULY 19, 2017  -  PROJECT CLOSED - After a lengthy hiatus, and with renewed focus, we closed the deal                                                                                                                  successfully for this collector. No further posts nor promotions here, however                                                                                                  the new owners are willing to sell all four to a fair bidder in order to invest in                                                                                                    two Celina Hinojosa large pigment print(s). Game on again! If interested,                                                                                                        inquire at this site.






(The first known resales in Celina's career)


"To sell, or not to sell?". . . that was the question!

So here is what the Collector and Artist agreed to present 

for this season's Room-B (Community) project.

The four pieces seen below will be available for collection

for a period of 6 years (October 31, 2011 - October 31, 2017),

or satisfactorily returned to the Collector's private collection.


As stated in the summary above,

the pieces are in Excellent Condition

and best yet, priced very generously!


(Please note, any noticeable flaws are due to photos taken through glass and/or scanned from glossy photos).

Now. . . tilt your screen back to get good depth & intensity of color, and enjoy.


We look forward to hearing from you!






With various types of Collectors, come different modes of collecting.

Limited space and evolving tastes are usually the case. Once three pieces have been successfully sold here,

the forth will be donated to a Museum of the Artist's choice, unless the collector is met with a friendly offer.


Unauthorized use of these images is prohibited without the express permission of the Artists.

© 2017 All Rights Reserved.

                La Cantinera

                pastel on paper

               19.5" x  25.5"

             © 1992



                   La Cantante

                pastel on paper

               19.5" x  25.5"

             © 1992



                                        The Mule Packer

              pastel on paper

               19.5" x  25.5"

             © 1992


      Patiently Waiting   

        pastel on paper

          19.5" x  25.5"

        © 1993




This collection consists of "four of seven" pastel drawings. Six of which were executed during a period the Artist concentrated exclusively on a major book project (circa: 1992 - 1995). All seven works are the only extant pastels to date (several others were destroyed). This body of work was her diversion from the intense demands/hours of illustrating...a period during which she was unable to paint.

It was an exciting new medium to explore and she embraced it seriously (though the pieces originally were to serve as color-studies), with the intent to continue to refine her approach with pastels and add the new medium to her repertoire. Though this investigation and experimentation was short-lived, these few 'loosely rendered' pieces came to serve as plans (or inspiration) for later paintings - works which would solidify her future as a painter - exclusively dedicated to the Fine Arts Arena. 

Two of the four drawings presented here (seen above*) eventually served as studies for major works. 

The smallest study (not of this private collection...yet one of the seven mentioned above) was executed in earlier years just prior to the lengthy book illustrating assignment, and served as the propellant to these pastel studies presented here. The small pastel also served as a study to a much larger composition and was recently discovered hundreds of miles from it's original place of residence. The three remaining pastel drawings in this series (to include the recently discovered piece) were placed in separate private collections.

Celina left the Commercial Art Field immediately following the 2 year book project. She never found time to sit with pastels again, instead, returned to her original love of painting. As a result, painting soon became her sole demand and driving force.

Revisiting these four pastels from this previous period has inspired her to create a new body of work in this wonderful medium - one she calls "An Old Comforting Friend!"

Today, during a new demanding period in her life, she says - 

It's wonderful seeing these four pieces together again. I'm reminded of how much I loved the physicality of this medium, despite it's delicate nature (whether chalks or oils). You're always in direct physical contact with your surface and sticks. It's messy yet controlled (like  sculpting), and I loved that. With painting (at least mine), I have little or no contact with the canvas due in part to the smooth/delicate paint application. It's just so sensitive to hand oils and other foreign elements. I have to wear cotton gloves when I work, or risk the chance of complications during the final varnishing process (i.e. resistant spots). Then too there is this paint brush between me and the canvas, always a reminder - 'distance...don't touch!' I need to get my hands dirty again. One medium always helps the other improve tremendously...time will tell."


 Celina Hinojosa



Project l



(CONCEPT): "SAY - SI"  Small Scale Work For A Larger Cause Benefit And Exhibition
                  SILENT ART AUCTION
 Bid or Budget Registration - for Celina's donated piece.

(OBJECTIVE): To help the Say-Si Project raise as much as possible for this particular donation, while aiding my

                     own collectors in acquiring a piece otherwise unavailable to the public. 

(DURATION): JANUARY 20, -  FEBRUARY 24, 2011 (3:00 PM).

(SUMMARY):  CHARITABLE DONATION  to The Say-Si Art School. Patrons and Certified Clients

                     are invited to submit a bid or a budget to the Artist for the donated piece (seen below). This is in

                     the event you are unable to attend (i.e. out-of-towners unfamiliar with Say/Si) but would like to

                     have a shot at the piece - while donating to a great cause.   

(POSTED):     JANUARY 20, 2011 


                      Thank you collectors, and congratulations to the final auction bidder!

POSTED):       FEBRUARY 26, 2011 


CONCLUSION):                                       PROJECT CLOSED!







This is an official announcement for a 


for silent auction!

Get involved and please bid generously!

This Project in Room-B Community is an effort to facilitate

 collectors and visitor to this site through my personal contribution.

Read more, tell me what you think and get back to me soon.

Enjoy and Good Luck with the bidding on all pieces!

Celina Hinojosa 




For more information, go to the ABOUT tab (lower part of that page). 

There, read more about CHARITABLE DONATIONS , 

and see an example and explanation at the bottom of the page.




And it wants to warm a special spot in your home or collection!



Miguel Con Tunas

Canvas Print - AP/Signed

Image size: 8" x  10"

Framed: 16" x  20"

© 2011

 (includes a certificate of authenticity)



                     Collectors are encouraged to attend the auction to bid on this and many other wonderful works

                     of art (all media, all miniatures). All CERTIFIED COLLECTORS and known Art Lovers of this site  

                     will be automatically e-mailed. All other interested parties are encouraged and welcome to use the

                     contact page to become certified for this and up-coming auctions involving Celina's work, as well as

                     to place a bid or offer a budget for this project.

     Reminder: Patrons submitting the top three "competitive" bids/budgets will be the only three represented

                     the evening of the big event and auction.



Q&A: Though there are many incoming questions  - not all can be addressed here.

                We advise everyone to use the contact page, get involved and join in on the fun. 


Q: What is the difference between a bid and a competitive budget?

A: A bid is a "set-amount" that a patron is willing to spend.

     A budget is treated like a bid, however (often but not always) tends to come in

     quite a bit higher.

     A competitive budget is the maximum amount a patron is willing to spend,

     yet (if the bidding is close) he/she has previously agreed and is willing to go a bit

     over dependent on the bidding progress. Absentee Patrons are kept abreast via

     cell phone.

     Final note: interestingly enough - a Bid (though a locked-in amount) can sometimes

     come in much higher than a Competitive Budget. Our selection process is based on

     different factors - with the primary goal (Say - Si) being our ultimate concern!


Q: Can anyone get involved and what do I have to do?

A: Yes, anyone can. If you would like to attend in person, contact Say Si at their www

     below to purchase advance discount tickets (or pay at the door), and join us in the

     excitement. However if you cannot attend the event, this company will ask you to fill

     out a very short form, and in turn - we hope to qualify you as a new Certified Client

     for this and other similar events and opportunities in the future.


Prior to the event, the Artist or an Artist's Assistant will e-mail and call the patrons with the top three bids/budgets - advising them to be available by phone during bidding and closing times. The lots (groups) in which these pieces are placed are unknown to the artists. Lower valued pieces tend to auction in early lots, with a succession of higher priced pieces in the latter. Please pay close attention to hours posted for this function. In the event that a patron is not available by phone, absentee bidding will be open to the third highest bidder (if available by phone). Finally, if this piece is included in the auction's final lot, that is when the real fun begins and synchronizing with our clients  is so important. We do not want a lack of communication to ruin all of these preparatory efforts.    

Whether bid or budget, the Artist and/or Artist's Assistant will respect the suggested amounts and work with your funds as competitively yet conservatively as possible. This has proven to be very exciting and successful for both Patron and Charity in the past. All funds go directly to the Charity that you supported through your acquisition. In return for your generous support - you become part of Celina's Preferred Client List (receiving special purchasing benefits).

Every Patron is treated with respect and kept anonymous. You are welcome however, to ask what the latest bids/budgets are so that you can remain in the running. No sales or reservations are accepted on the evening of the Private Preview Event. This is GOOD NEWS, as it allows for fair bidding from the public at The Big Event, and not just to VIPs! (see below) 


Good Luck and we look forward to hearing from you!






Private Preview Event: Thursday, Feb. 3, 7-9 PM

A new tradition that provides a more intimate opportunity for us to thank the artists and our underwriters for supporting our event - before the frenzied fun of the fundraiser.


The general public gets its first chance to see the art on First Friday, Feb. 4, 6 to 9 PM

With the exhibit up the month of Feb. M-Thu 9 AM to 7 PM, Fri & Sat 9 AM to 5 PM. This year no bidding will happen until the night of the fundraiser.


And then it's the big event:

Small Scale Silent Auction: Friday, Feb. 25th, 6:30 to 9:30 PM

All Artists receive free admission for themselves and can bring on additional guest for $10.

All art will be digitized - and a slide show will be posted at saysi.org by Fri. Jan 28th


Some History, This miniature Artist's Proof (AP) is printed on archival canvas, UV coated and has all the allure of its larger format prints. Framed in a beautifully crafted Dark Baroque Antique-Gold/Bronze Frame, burnished over red under-stain with a soft ash oxidized patina - to include a beautiful Buck-Skin Suede mat. All materials used for framing were acid-free museum quality.

One of three miniature proofs of the same image, this little piece has been in my private archive collection for retrospective cataloging. It has an original copyright of © 2003. In pristine condition and capturing excellent color, it has been put away and handled once every other year for periodic inspections to examine condition and integrity - until now!

Its two counterpart proofs served originally as the working prototypes against which all other prints in the mother edition were modeled. Over handled and recently destroyed, now the final mini AP surfaces and has been framed this latter part of January 2011.

The only miniature Artist's Proof ever released to the public, it is an interesting look at my private preparatory work behind the scenes. Best of the three, I am happy and proud to donate this precious little piece to the advancement of the Say Si Art School. I sincerely hope it serves them well and that it brings much warmth and joy to its future collector!

Celina Hinojosa


! Say/Si - Update !

(posted: February 6, 2011) 


There is a beautiful slide-show, and a very impressive page-turning brochure along with other information and material about this event on the Say/Si Homepage

* *  Get a move on slow pokes. Bids are coming in and time is drawing near!  * *

Contact us with your bids for Celina's piece ASAP.

_____________________________________ ♦ ♦ ♦ ___________________________________


To view Celina's piece (more clearly than at this site) do the following... 

Go to www.SaySi.org , Click on the Red Dot labeled "See Artwork Here". 

It was last spotted on page 3/6, fourth row down, far left hand side.

Click to enlarge - Great shot! 









Project ll 

Room-B (Community)





(DURATION): NOVEMBER 5, 2010 - Undetermined.

(SUMMARY): In support of Sam Coronado and The Serie Project, I ask collectors of Prints and Fine Art 

                     to consider supporting this well recognized and deserving Fine Art Print Company

                     (one of five or less in the U.S), which primarily dedicates itself to the promotion of

                     Hispanic, Latino & Chicano Artists. 

(POSTED):     NOVEMBER 5, 2010 

(NOTE):         Remember...your young Picassos will thank you one day, as they too may hope to work

                     with Sam Coronado!          


                          CONGRATULATIONS SAM...Here's wishing you years of continued success!

(POSTED):             FEBRUARY 11, 2011

(CONCLUSION):                              PROJECT CLOSED!











On Behalf Of Coronado Studio 


 The Serie Project



Dear Friends & Collectors,

A good way to get your collection started is by acquiring prints. This is my first and only Serigraph to date - titled "Andada Perdida" © 2003 ("She Wandered About Lost"), and was commissioned by Coronado Studio in Austin, TX. This piece came to fruition by way of an Artist in Residence Program as the final piece closing out the 10th Anniversary Series. 


Based on the original "La Cantinera" © 1996

Andaba Perdida


© 2003

Print Size 15.5" x 19"

Paper Size 22" x 29"

Priced at $650 

Each print is composed of 13 color screens

Pulled & Chopped at the Coronado Studio

Limited to an edition of 50 S/N prints

Issued on 290 gram Coventry Rag


* Even numbers available through - The Serie Project *

>> Odd numbers reserved by and available through the Artist <<


There are very few print-making studios in the United States. Director Sam Coronado specifically dedicates himself to the promotion of Latina/o Artists. Artists are usually nominated for an assignment at The Serie Project, and many future young artists can look forward to working with Sam and his team by supporting this great project today.

If you are interested in this print, consider purchasing through Coronado Studio's - Serie Project. Please contact a representative at:   www.coronadostudio.com 


Coronado Studio,

6601 Felix Ave.
Austin, TX 78741
Tel/Fax: 512-385-3591





Thank you for your bold, unwavering and diligent efforts in our community. You are a friend to many and a Hero to all. You're one of the Mavericks who has helped us "all" project a strong VOICE. "Sister Karen" Boccalero must be shining down upon you...and taking great delight!

Finally, there is Demand...and you have the Supply! 





Please note: any Company, Gallery or other Entity not linked to this site,

 which advertises the sales of Celina's work, is doing so falsely!

Please contact the Artist directly and she will clarify the problem.