Project Room A 




(OBJECTIVE):  12 prints to choose from, at a 12% discount in celebration of the 12 Days of Christmas. 

(DURATION):   DECEMBER 14, 2011 through JANUARY 6, 2012 

(SUMMARY):    In keeping with the modern concept (12 days before), as well as the original tradition of the 12 Days of Christmas

                      (Christmas until the beginning of Epiphany January 6th; the 12 days count from December 25th until January 5th)

                      Celina Hinojosa Fine Art will honor a 12% discount on any one of 12 prints (any size) found in either of the print

                      departments of this website.  Even though December 25th is celebrated as Christmas in many cultures, January 6th

                      is often the day for giving gifts.

                  *   In honor of Celina celebrating her 50th Birthday at the end of December; filling of all orders will be

                      suspended until the end of this project term - or Dia de Los Reyes / Day of The Kings / Feast of The Magi.

                      The Artist's birthday wish was simply to have no deadlines for the first time in her long painting career.

(NOTE):          Please reserve your print/s during this seasonal offer in order to receive your 12% discount.

                      There will be no time extensions for this project.

                      Discount not applicable with any other discount or gallery credit. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.   

                      Please visit the "Prints" or "Recently Released Prints" Departments now to view all twelve images.


(POSTED):      DECEMBER 14, 2011


(UPDATE):      ANOTHER GREAT (and certainly unexpected) SUCCESS !!

(POSTED):      JANUARY 07, 2011



(Officially posted January 07, 2012)

Thank you once again to all Post-Christmas Collectors and supporters of this project.

This was a very special time of the year and we are pleased that you took advantage of

this generously rare and short-lived project. This was an important year & time of celebration for the Artist

and collectors are not likely to see another project such as this for a while.

Again thanks and congratulations to those who took us up on this special seasonal offer.

Orders have already gone to the printer, and as stated earlier, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


Happy New Year to all my cherished collectors!

Prospero Año a mis estimados colectores!






Seen Below For

Project Room A





(DURATION):   NOVEMBER 5, 2010 -  NOVEMBER 5, 2011.

(SUMMARY):   Original Series of Giclee Print Editions scheduled to close. 

                      21 CANVAS PRINTS   (3 ea. of 7 editions) selected for interested clients.

(POSTED):      JANUARY 15, 2011


(POSTED):     NOVEMBER 20, 2011


(CONCLUSION):                                          PROJECT CLOSED!


(Officially posted November 20, 2011)


Thanks to all collectors and supporters of Project 21.

A year has been completed on this project, and not devoid of many technical and communication issues.

To our patient buyers we want to offer a special thank you for your persistence in recontacting this

company during these troublesome months which stem back to early November 2010.

In the end most things were ironed out beautifully, however The San Fernando Studio wants to extend a sincere

apology to anyone who reached out with inquiries and submissions (via web-forms) and was not able to be contacted.

Much of our data was repeatedly destroyed and rendered unretrievable. If you were a guest at this project site 

and encountered this problem, you are still encouraged to recontact this company and we will make it up to you.


Warm Regards,    

Celina Hinojosa Fine Art &

The San Fernando Studio

















Last Three Canvas Prints available for each of

Seven Images seen below,

will be sold at their original format sizes as listed.

These seven images are concurrently available on Archival Watercolor Paper. 

Our transition is occurring swiftly and suddenly, so please do not hesitate to

inquire about new format sizes along with any/all other question!

Thank You, 

   The San Fernando Studio


* Below are the original canvas print edition sizes *


  Prayer In The Kitchen

                 32" x  32"

                 © 2011

Cotton - 1965

30" x  40"

© 2011

 El Juguetón se Llama


    32" x  32" 

  © 2011

Miguel Con Tunas

30" x  38"

© 2011

Still In Reverence

  30" x  40"

  © 2011

The Lenten Harvest

  30" x  40"

 © 2011


  Reyna's Cantina

     30" x  40"

     © 2011

     By far Celina's most published image and the second most

     sought after print in this series. A landmark composition from

     which she derived her company logo, and that which set the pace

     for what would be her work's objective and mission. 


21 Canvas Prints and Counting!

For those who have admired Celina Hinojosa's Canvas Prints at Exhibits, homes of friends, or other private collections (and have been meaning to acquire a canvas print or a series of your own), we invite you to consider collecting now. If canvas is your preference, this is a great opportunity to think about adding to your collection.

21 Canvas Prints are available for a limited time. Three prints each from 7 editions (as seen above and in the Print Section of this Web-Gallery) are available on Canvas for a few months only. Prices on Hinojosa prints (as well as originals) have risen significantly since 2003. The Artist's company would like to facilitate the purchase of these final Giclee Canvas Prints by offering a comfortable payment plan. Extended payment plans are available under certain conditions and discounts are available on outright sales or multiple purchases only. Please feel free to inquire.

Update Canvas Prints have returned to their original prices for the remainder of the Six Month period following a successful 2010 Holiday Special launched November 5, 2010. Though the latest prints on watercolor paper were the popular item as hoped and predicted, 21 Canvas Prints will remain available through November 5, 2011 for those still seeking this beautiful format until deadline-date, or sold out. After this date editions previously issued on canvas - will be closed. In their place, Second-State Editions (of the same series) will be issued on Archival Watercolor Paper. Read more under the Rm-A Details tab.


From the Artist,

Friends..."Fine Art" is a huge gift to ourselves, and often a luxury many of us will not explore. It never hurts to ask through open dialogue. I would love to see my  Paintings and Prints in ten times the homes/collections they are in today, but that is not the nature of my work. My paintings are few and my prints are limited. Art is my gift and what I know best to share with the world. I wholeheartedly invite you to contact me with your requests. 

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you!

 Celina Hinojosa

Please note: any Company, Gallery or other Entity not linked to this site,

 which advertises the sales of Celina's work, is doing so falsely!

Please contact the Artist directly and she will clarify the problem.