Celina Hinojosa paints in the Historic City of San Antonio, TX. Currently she is in the process of relocating the San Fernando Studio (est. 1989 - South Texas), to a new location in the San Antonio Metroplex. There is no set date as of yet (nor rush), however once a comfortable and adequate location is decided upon she will post immediately.

Due to relocating, all meetings will be held at a designated conference location in San Antonio or the homes of Collectors. Celina would like to propose comfort for clients, as well as feasibility for herself with respect to location, size and duration of presentation during this transition, hence...with more frequency, meetings may take place at her one home (due to the size of her pieces). Keep visiting this page for updates.

Thank you once again for your continued support of Celina Hinojosa Fine Art and the San Fernando Studio. Celina awaits the opening of her new studio in the future to welcome clients, friends, and all supporters of the Arts.


Please note: any Company, Gallery or other Entity not linked to this site,

 which advertises the sales of Celina's work, is doing so falsely!

Please contact the Artist directly and she will clarify the problem.