How to buy

                                          Purchasing Art


Please note: any Company, Gallery or other Entity not linked to this site,

 which advertises the sales of Celina's work, is doing so falsely!

Please contact the Artist directly and she will clarify the problem.



If you are interested in purchasing a piece you have viewed in the Web-Gallery, or are interested in commissioning a project, contact the Artist about these and other exciting possibilities not included on this website at www.celinahinojosa.com. Once an initial assessment of your needs has been made from the site’s contact sheet, further information will be requested and prices will then be provided. The Artist will remain in contact until your needs are met. 

If you require immediate attention for a special purchase (i.e. a surprise gift – requiring rush status) or a more specialized project such as a private commission, the Artist may recommend a meeting (or conference call) based on your request.

Please inquire about consultation fees.

Fees apply to the following:

All scheduled private meetings (allow 2-3 hours); phone conferences (allow 60-90 mins). For other specialized presentations, to include customized Power-Point Slide (or film) Presentations for your review, when miles separate you from San Antonio, Texas, allow the Artist approximately 7-10 working days (perhaps sooner) to draft & create your PP from the time of your first introductory phone call with the Artist, and official request there of. A phone call or live follow-up meeting will be scheduled 48 hours after the Power Point Presentation has been sent and reviewed. In some cases, the artist will call within 24 hours if the collector is ordering during a special promotion with a deadline, or making a rush order. You may be asked to sign a faxed-form (or a PDF to be signed and faxed back to her), agreeing to the terms & fees of a phone conference, live consultation meeting(s), or the construction of a customized PP-Presentation. Some projects require fees for more than one of the above stated. 

All Private Program meetings (to include a Patron Program, Private Commission or Reservation Program) will require lengthier meetings (please allow 3-6 hours), and allow (60-90 mins) for an initial phone conference for such. 

From your initial web-form submission (on the Contact Page of this website), to the Artist responding via telephone or e-mail, please study the Archives section of the web-gallery for an idea for your own piece...or the Print Gallery for your favorite print(s). Be prepared to explain to her in as much detail necessary, what it is that you would like to consider as well as what you do not wish to consider. 

Important to say, it is very common for anyone of the above presentations to go well passed the suggested time frames. The Artist will do so with patience yet within reason. That is why it is very important to make clear any/all visual material(s) that you would like to consider for such a presentation(s). The Artist requests that you be respectful of the time allotted for your meeting(s). It is very important in preparation for your meeting, to have clear and uninterrupted understanding of any & all items to be discussed, that you (the collector) be prepared to take Celina's call as scheduled (or call her at the time agreed upon). Please do so from a quiet place and in front of your laptop.

Please make it known whether you work with a PC or a Mac!

If your spouse, partner, family member or friend is ultimately required for your decision, please invite them along from the on-set as a quiet attendee to your meeting, so that the Artist may avoid gaps of lost time. It will certainly be nice to hear both engage from time to time, however it can become confusing very quickly when a phone (or live) meeting is continuously being interrupted. So respectfully, we ask that you review materials prior to the meeting, do not cancel meetings or reschedule and please have your pertinent questions ready. PLEASE do not call Ms. Hinojosa for an important scheduled phone meeting (nor receive her 'scheduled' calls) from a moving vehicle. Prepare for your meetings with the Artist in advance - as she does for you. Ms. Hinojosa is very friendly but appreciates a timely schedule when it comes to phone or live meetings. As she states..."A painter should be careful not to waste his/her time because. . ."A Painter Who Is Not Painting, Is Not A Painter!" She will graciously spend more time with a client, than to have a cancellation or a call to reschedule. 

She maintains a "two strikes you're out policy"! So if you are wondering why you (past collector) have not remained on her guest list, been invited to special (private/public) events, or have not received further promotional materials - you've guessed right! Ever the forgiving businesswoman, she welcomes you to reconnect with her...revisit an exciting collecting experience and give yourself that much deserved gift. She will certainly make all things right again! 

On the other hand when all things are running smoothly, she has sat through many unexpectedly lengthy meetings. To date, the longest running meeting was 11 Hours for a presentation, multiple purchase, dinner and friendly relaxed talk - to include entertainment at a local venue...in that order!

More about consultation/presentation fees:

In some cases (read above) these fees will be applied to your purchase if a significant purchase has been made. Consider the Artist's fee part of your payment, however only if the client has remained in good standings. To be fair and clear about waving a consultation fee, a collector must maintain prompt 'scheduled' phone communication, as well as have made a decision within a timely period from first contact (by web-form) to your follow-up phone calls or possibly a live consultation(s). Any and all prolonged client cases (which include suspended decisions) are subject to 'automatic' retention of consultation fees and/or the cancellation of any/all applicable discounts. Therefore, so that all necessary steps move along swiftly, please pay extra close attention to the above statements, especially when a consultation is made during a seasonal opportunity (to include a tight deadline)

Big or small investment, Celina kindly asks...that you please respect all appointments and/or promised call-backs.

In an attempt to keep the painting year moving steadily, any and all scheduled appointments (subject to consultation fees) must be kept. If any unacceptable negligence of the Artist's time occurs (i.e. sudden cancellation, a 'no-show', or as much as a 'no call-back' when scheduled), all fees will automatically be retained as well. All clients in default of a past meeting will be treated with much respect and welcome back again (especially if rescheduled immediately), yet will be subjected to a new consultation fees which will not be absorbed unless a purchase is made by the end of said meeting. No..."Strike Three"! 


Description Needed


Be sure to include the Title and/or a brief description of the image that you are interested in.


Payment and Conditions


To facilitate your transaction, payments are accepted through, Certified Funds, Direct Deposit, Bank Wire or Cash upon order of purchase. Any questions about payment options (other than prints, unless a multiple order is placed) are welcome on large aquisitions or multiple purchases. There are various plans you may consider under certain purchasing conditions.


      * Client is responsible for the cost of shipping, handling, crating and insurance.

   * No tax charged on pieces sold out of State...however taxes may apply to the above.        

      * No returns are accepted on shipped/sold artwork without a damage report (w/photos) upon receipt.

      Artwork must then be returned over-night (next day) in the same condition received and shipped

      in professional tubing or crating materials (as in the case of a framed piece).    

  * All sales therefore are final, as the collector should be well acquainted with Celina's work

      prior to the final sale.

   * All sales of prints, custom orders, rush orders, original art, patron programs, commission agreements

      and/or private reservations - require full payment or a down payment dependent on the nature of the

      agreement (e.g. a multiple purchase requiring an extended payment plan due to its high end value). 

  * No refund of deposit, payments toward purchase(s), or Studio Credit will be offered on 'ANY'

      default of payment or broken contracts. Instead client will be subject to unfortunate, unnecessary but

      immediate Collections (through an Agency) or Legal Arbitration on the mild side.

   * These rights are strictly enforced by a signed contract, a signed (or received) preliminary statement of

      agreement, a verbal statement of agreement via formal meeting with witnesses, the receipt of a

      Client Invoice For The Sale Of An Artwork, or a received Client Statement thereafter. Sales at this

      company are strictly enforced and there are no grace periods for past-due payments

      Instead, client will be charged a ten percent late fee for each late payment

      If a client is excessively in default of payments due, and the art-collector avoids payment with lapses

      of time between communication by emails or phone calls made by the Artist or Artist's representative

      in this company's attempt to collect, and in so doing the Artist has exhausted her efforts to

      collect from the client, client will then be subject to Legal Action through Private or Legal Defense For

      The Arts/Artists ruled by the laws of the State of Texas (for the protection of the rights of the Artist),

      and be subject to all penalties moving forward.

     * No refunds available on any returned artwork, however a Studio Credit may be offered

      (with a twenty percent service fee) under very unique conditions


                Credit may be applied toward a like-valued piece,

                  or Artwork of greater value only.

              -  Client should be advised of yearly price adjustments.   

              -  In this scenario, it is highly recommended that the client 

                  swiftly reserve a future artwork. Celina works on one piece

                  at a time, often with reservations being placed on pieces while

                  still on the easel. She may also assume a commission, keeping

                  her busy for several months at a time.

              -  The Artist works closely with each client to achieve complete

                  satisfaction. Avoiding a return is half of the success in selling and 

                  acquiring artwork - "That which goes home - you will want to keep home."

                  Perfect record to date! 

               - This company does not accept trade-ins of older works toward the payment of new works.

                  Simply put, it is unknown what conditions the collector has subjected the work to, and the

                  Artist (for the most part) is in the business of painting, selling, exhibiting & archiving only. 

                  The trading of her own work would occur only if she has a client who has inquired about

                  the piece in the past and is immediately available to collect that piece.   



            - The Artist (as Consultant) offers advice through a separate service. Her expert skill and

                  knowledge in this particular field is reserved primarily for clients who are her

                  past collectors, or the inheritors of her past works. She is skilled in consultations for

                  owners of the works of her various contemporaries within the Chicana/Chicano Art World,

                  and can consult on artists' works of art within the her own genre. Consulting on

                  any artwork (her own or other) will often require the collaboration of an Appraisal Group

                  and/or a Certified Conservator.



All Original Artworks are guaranteed to be authentic works by the artist, with no prep-work, base-painting or under-painting applied by an apprentice or intern. All Original Works purchased include a Certificate of Title as well as a history sheet. All Prints include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Company Statement

The Goal at Celina Hinojosa Fine Art is to guide each client to a completely satisfied decision. Celina takes a unique and personalized approach in helping her buyers fully understand the work, and arrive at those very fulfilling choices that all collectors seek. Whether a collection begins with a print or a painting, clients are sure to be well informed about important topics surrounding their art choices. As a serious Artist who has pursued and sustained an ambitious career in the Fine Arts Arena, respect and friendships are the Artist’s goals in maintaining ongoing relationships with her Patrons and Artwork throughout the years. Never in a hurry...Celina takes particular pride in knowing she completes her job and role as True Artist . . . one collector at a time!

Best Wishes, 


Celina Hinojosa Fine Art

The San Fernando Studio

(est. 1989)