Celina Hinojosa paintings are executed in Acrylic on Canvas (A/C). She works in the Dry-Brush Technique, and has developed an exacting and technical process of multi-layering fine veneers of paint in a pouncing, stippling and scumbling application as opposed to the traditional wet-brush. Each painting is packed with beautiful detail with images dramatically dropping over all edges without a bend in their perspective (see sample below). The Artist schedules months to reach completion dates on each painting; thus produces a very limited number of works per year. For more information read under the Technique sub-tab.  

Come in and enjoy an array of choices in both Originals and Prints. We hope you enjoy your visit - and we invite you to contact us for any and all questions you may have as every collector is welcome and deserves to learn more! Celina looks forward to meeting you. Her wish is to deliver the best, as well as pair the perfect pieces to each buyer through private consultation.



Celina Hinojosa Fine Art

San Fernando Studio (est.1989)




Gallero l

© 2000

36" x  48"

Acrylic on Canvas 

Private Collection