Celina Hinojosa Fine Art Web-Gallery

lists the following sections:

Paintings - In this section, clients can view all Current Available Works.

On the Easel - Glimpse at originals in progress. Reservations welcome.

Prints - Here clients have a selection of prints in various media and format.

Archives - Documented here, visitors and clients can view paintings throughout the years for research purposes. Patrons (Private, Public, or Corporate) who are interested in gathering visual materials to inspire and formulate ideas for their own painting (commissioned through the Artist), are encouraged to view this section prior to meetings.

Project Rooms - Project Rooms A&B will host various Art purchasing announcements with a focus on unique and otherwise unexpected opportunities. Visitors are encouraged to take a peek often in this section, as projects will be rotated spontaneously (usually) in keeping with major U.S. / Mexico calender celebrations.


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About Project Rooms A&B


Room A - will promote opportunities for collectors to acquire Celina Hinojosa's Art through other sources such as the auction of an Estate's Art Collection, a rare Re-Sale, or promoting sales through other trusted venues with which the Artist networks. 

Here too will be the much needed "Call for Models / Sets / Props / Locations / Extras and Research" - as larger projects often require. An Artist needs the help of friends and  the community to accomplish larger works - so again...you can expect gifts of gratitude for your help! This room will soon serve as a "Call for Interns and Apprentices". Celina is not currently accepting appointments. 

Also in this section  the site will make announcements to facilitate the community in acquiring Celina Hinojosa's Art through Seasonal Offers. These are spontaneous and infrequent opportunities (usually pertaining to prints). Please take advantage! Though Celina would like to make these offers more viable to the public, she is unable to with the exception of introducing New Products or while the Artist is not yet committed to other Art World Dealers.  


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Room B (Community) - will periodically serve as a stage for the works of deserving "Young Masters." These are young artists (ages 13-23) recognized for their exceptional talents in The Visual Arts. Young Masters will work in traditional two or three dimensional media. This will include Artists who are formally trained, self-taught, under privileged or the undiscovered. 

Having once been a Lecturer and Instructor at UTB-TSC for nearly ten years in South Texas (1988-1997), Celina recognizes the multitude of talent and the need to support the "most deserving". Unable to accept Interns or Apprentices at this time, the Artist has conceptualized this platform to aid Young Masters in their ambitious pursuit of Art Careers.

Those showcased in Room B (Community) are by invitation only, and recognized as the most promising on Celina's Radar. Information about nominating a young person will be posted bi-annually (to correspond with academic semesters), and will be reviewed/accepted based only in response to a "Call For Entry". These dates will present themselves with ample time, and are made available based on Celina's Calendar of Events. Nominations must be made by an instructor (certified or not) or other mentor as deemed necessary. This can be done via e-mail on the contact page - so be looking out for dates and instructions. Nominations will not be reviewed or accepted at this time.

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Room B - Look out for announcements of Charitable Donations by the Artist to her favorite causes (usually twice yearly). These range from Non Profit Organization Functions - to Galas for Great Causes.

In all cases, you can take part by reaching deep into your hearts and pockets, while having fun acquiring wonderful works of art. Project Room B will truly be dedicated to the community, so visit often and bring a friend. Do not hesitate to let the Artist know if she can assist you with opportunities posted here (e.g. a budget for an auction, or proposing an offer to a Young-Master). Dedicated to her community, Celina is often present for charitable events to help optimize auction results (often through your private bids). Once committed to an event, she will thoroughly see it through to the end (see example below). Celina or a trained Assistant will bid (by proxy) on your behalf if you are unable to attend. Patrons are usually advised and kept abreast by phone - while the piece is on the block, or during the silent auctioning of the lot in which it is placed.

This has proven to be very exciting and successful for both Patron and Charity in the past. All funds go directly to the Charity that you supported through your acquisition. Having a special talent for this ritual (through conservative yet competitive bidding), when Celina shows up to bid for you...the Patron has ALWAYS walked away with the piece! She thrives for excellent in her company, and works to completion in all endeavors!

Contact www.celinahinojosa.com for information. 




Please note: any Company, Gallery or other Entity not linked to this site,

 which advertises the sales of Celina's work, is doing so falsely!

Please contact the Artist directly and she will clarify the problem.



     Corazon Encendido,  ©2010, A/C, 10"x10" (w/o frame)

       Here is an example of a recent acquisition by a Certified Client who was

       unable to attend an auction. It was during the month of February 2010 and

       like most donations - an engaging miniature! The Charity garnered a

       sizable donation, and the Collector acquired a piece for a fraction of its 

       original value (this is the norm). In yet another scenario, a Collector may 

       acquire a piece just under or over fair market value - dependent on the


       Celina always dedicates something very special to her charities. Once 

       BLOCKED FOR AUCTION, these pieces are unavailable for traditional

       Gallery or Studio sales. This is a wonderful opportunity for the Collector.

       With a little luck you add a piece to your collection (or start one),

       as well as make an annual tax-deductible contribution to the Arts.

       This is the nature of Charitable Donations for Auction, and everyone 

       leaves happy!        


                Thank you for visiting . . . Enjoy!