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Private Programs can each take on various formats. Not only are these a great way to purchase art through an extended payment plan & user-friendly contract, but you are also participating in the advancement of the Artist's Career. In almost every case any one of these programs will yield an exceptional piece - one which garners favorable attention through different entities and eventually appreciating the value of the artwork. 

Since Art buying is a very personal and often emotional process, as well as a luxury that we all feel we must rationalize to ourselves, the Patron Program, a Private Commission or a Reservation are very practical ways to justify your purchase. You get what you want and usually much more. This is where the Artist truly shines, and a collector gets her best!

Called a Canvas Story Teller, Celina puts deep meaning, symbolism and quality workmanship into every square inch of her culturally motivated works. With her paintings rich in story and message, she justifies all elements and gladly offers explanation to serious buyers. In contrasting cases, works have gone unexplained. This is the primary difference between a Gallery purchase, verses a Privately Commissioned piece. Nothing is or should be held back between Collector and Artist when immersed in anyone of these important projects. For ultimate success, Celina does extensive research and offers guidance when necessary. More often than not she expertly helps her clients conceptualize on their own with ease. She believes these works are often a sublime marriage of minds and hearts - between Patron and Artist. A very gratifying project for both parties thus the wonderful end products seen over the years.  

Though Established Collectors will be more inclined to commission, the Artist cannot urge or emphasis these avenues more than stated above, but does encourage her clients when it is practical for the collector, and feasible for the Artist's schedule. Important to point out that of the three programs - Patron Programs & Private Commissions (in particular) are designed for visionaries and conceptualizers, or (at the very least) those who have the patience and confidence in the project and the Artist's work - to sit and brainstorm with Celina and allow professional intervention. 


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Until the succeeding page is posted, with the various programs explained in detail (i.e. Patron Programs, Commissions and Reservations), you are welcome to inquire about these opportunities anytime! We wish to inform established and future patrons once again, that these programs are designed for you to comfortably purchase your artwork over a period of time, as well as personalizing your piece.

Patrons should be informed that these projects are only considered with the understanding that the work remains within the confines of the Artist's style, technique, color palette and themes. Some degree of flexibility is  considered. Clients may be pleasantly surprised to see how Celina merges ideas by exercising her expertise in connecting your concepts with her genre. So again, it is vital that you communicate your thoughts, concepts and vision in as much detail possible. 

Consultation Fees for meeting(s) will apply and be based on the amount of time (or travel) the Artist believes is required to discuss your project, to include any/all succeeding meetings. If a decision to move forward with the project is arrived at, upon the completion of meeting number one (with a contract signed and a down payment installed), the artist may decide to apply the initial consultation fee to the overall commission investment.

History Note:

The challenges generated by these programs, are a combined result of the Artist's professional experience, along with her developed technique & style which propelled her early career as a popular Illustrator (work which consistently involved case-specific demands). Today she prefers to share this knowledge and talent with her private clients through her unique and personalized expressions. In keeping with her illustrating experience of years past, Celina has always been motivated by the thrill of the challenge on a technical, conceptual and certainly a spiritually symbolic level. Along with these tools and motivation comes the satisfaction of making each of her patrons "absolutely happy"...one institution, one collector or one family at a time!  



Please note, Patron Names are not listed here

due to the private and personal nature of each project and this company's privacy policy. 


Celina looks forward to hearing from you soon!



" To create with my brush, that which dwells deep inside an Art Lover, is the greatest satisfaction. Open your hearts and minds and I will paint what lies within!" 

     Celina Hinojosa




La Preparación ll

36" x  48"

© 1999


Private Collector

Ranchito Unión

42" x  52"

© 2003

Private Commission ♦

Private Collector 


Virgen de la Laguna 

36" x  40"

© 1999

Private Commission 

Private Collector 


The Limón Commission (also)

Preparación de la Cuarezma

36" x  36"

© 2001

Private Commission - Private Collector

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This piece, like other private commissions, has personal signifacance and great value. I cannot wait to share the story behind its creation (with permission) in my memoirs. What unbelievable people, stories, love and outcome in each and everyone of these milestone pieces. Once again, to my charished Patrons, I wish you peace here and beyond...you're in my heart and thoughts always!

Con todo corazón,

Celina Hinojosa


Spoiler Alert - Coming Soon!  

La Flor Nunca Muere

30" x 30" acrilic on canvas

Prisma Color Study (w/o details)  © 2018

Private Commission - Private Collector

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

After an extended artistic hiatus, I want to thank my incredible patrons for their unwavering patience with my personal schedule during these trying years. This will officially be the first significant piece produced after so long. My most sincere gratitude for your trust in me!  

History Note From The Artist:                      July 25, 2017

Unless an unforeseeable reason in the future would cause me to alter my signature again, I am officially using this special piece to mark a new beginning, and with that comes a third and final change to my signature. In 1989, as I entered the professional arena, I began signing (Celina); in 2000 it was officially changed to (Celina Hinojosa). This year 2017 and moving forward there will be an addition of the middle initial 'D' (e.g. Celina D. Hinojosa), indicative of my full birth name...a personal homage to my parents ††. 


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