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Canasta de Cebolla Roja

Para Escabeche

La Preparación

La Preparación ll

Tulipanes de la Mañanita II

Arrimate Cabrón

El Juguetón Se Llama


Arrimate Mi Chula     



Like the Seven Prints on the succeeding page,

Celina Hinojosa's Prints, are available in three formatted sizes (with a fourth, Museum Reserve size) - each is limited to small editions, printed with Pigment on Archival Watercolor Paper. All prints are available with a choice of handsome 3" white borders, or with elegant hand-torn edges - allowing for a dramatic float presentation. Each print is signed and numbered by the Artist and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
She continues to use the best color management printing operation in San Antonio, Texas and works closely with advisers, photographers, color technicians and a print master throughout the entire production process. Celina also works with San Antonio's leading framer. Unsurpassed in quality and workmanship, this family-run Frame Gallery (nearly 50 years in the field) is the only outfit trusted with all of her necessary framing services. Across the board Celina works with the best outfits in San Antonio, down to (but certainly not least) her impressive craters, whose company will assure the latest in sound museum-standard packing materials...for safe voyage near and far.
Check back soon as formats, edition sizes, print sizes and a framed sample will be posted (view informally below now) on this or a satellite page soon. Feel free to call once you have made an initial contact on the contact page. Prices are not posted at this site but we eagerly anticipate hearing from you to give you further information and consultation. We are confident that there is a print that will perfectly suit your needs and pair well with your art collection, as well as add a dynamic focal-point to any interior.
                Celina's prints have been placed in many collections, cities and settings
lending themselves to Rural Ranch Homes, Traditional Mexican-Style interiors (as far reaching as Haciendas / Nouveau-Haciendas), Mediterranean Revival Estates, Hill Country Tuscan Homes, Hill Country Chic Homes, Suburban Homes, juxtaposed in Ultra Minimalistic Urban Lofts and Contemporary Match-Box Flats, to the ever growing Eclectic Homes not to exclude corporate meeting rooms and offices. The list goes on and these prints have been a hit everywhere.
Allow us the privilege of hanging a series of prints for you today, or "one special one" in your collection. Celina's clients have consistently expressed years of contentment with their acquisitions (see special thought bottom page). We invite you as well, to become part of an ever growing list of satisfied collectors, or let us help you become a confident first-time buyer and introduce you to the exciting and rewarding World of Art Collecting.  

HERE IS A SAMPLE of one of Celina's Large format prints. Framing staff was nice enough to pull the piece out for this photo (to show scale). The frame is a bold Italian crafted hand-rubbed molding in a rich espresso stain. Hardware was installed for safe/proper museum mount.

This print measures approximately 40" x 53", chosen with elegant hand-torn edges (no feather-deckle edges), w/a 1/4" float over a soft-beige 100% linen mat; encased under heavy gage, museum approved OP3UV Plexiglass. The overall frame size is 49" x 62", S/N - AP1/3. This inventory item is available for collection.


All Print Images are available as follow: (each image w/varying dimensions):

Sm Edition (20), Md Edition (15), Lg Edition (10), with a Museum Reserve Edition (5) for exhibitions. All editions are available for sale to collectors w/out frame; safely wrapped in glassine paper and shipped in double industrial strength capped tubes (inner tube serves as a safety core support).

From the Artist,
"Working with this dynamic Printing Company has been rewarding and proven to be very successful. The Director and Print Master (with over 35 years experience) can boast working with a roster of High-Profile Artists - to include Regional, National and International achievers.
Alternative INK
Results have been beyond satisfying, and apart from being in the company of great artists, I am very pleased to finally offer these six wonderful prints to my clients. In 2003 the production & release of my last series of canvas prints saw a happy ending with the final sale in 2011. The crossover to this gorgeous new surface is very exciting for me, and I am certain once you have seen them yourselves (framed on your walls) - you will agree!" 
Sharing a Special Thought,
One of the greatest complements ever paid me, was from an Austin couple who discovered my work in the mid to late 90's while in the process of designing and building their new Hill Country Home.

"We loved your work so much, we literally designed our home around it!" 
Private Collector                           (Image: Prayer in the Kitchen)

A HOME BUILT AROUND MY WORK! I've heard those same heartwarming words three times from this special couple since those early days, more recently during a November 2010 telephone conversation. For me, that is the equivalence of winning three Academy Awards!  
You know who you are...I am eternally grateful, honored and deeply touched! Your kind words have continuously served to help me work harder and never lose sight of my aim, goals and vision in this Art World. Your piece has "hands down" been one of the most sought after fine art print...yet "no one" will ever know the satisfaction of owning the richness of execution in your original. Thanks again!
Celina Hinojosa