Print Room Notes:                                 



Contact the Artist for a detailed explanation about the difference between the two formats/surfaces and the transition from canvas to archival paper. The estimated date for complete transition was 2015. We were on target.

We advise Collectors who have acquired the previous memorable canvas prints, to take good care of your collections - they are now few and unique. They are also higher in value if you have cared for them properly per this company's instruction. As always, special-care advice is available (and recommended), so do not hesitate to contact Celina on this or any other issue about your prints. Consultation fees apply...please inquire. 


Company Note:

All prints are based on Original Paintings five years old or greater. Each print is selected with much consideration. Art World Advisers help the Artist decide on each image that goes to print based on its excellence in overall composition, statement, artistic value - as well as public allure. In some cases there have been various requests made upon Ms. Hinojosa for certain portfolio images to go to print. Her company pays close attention to the public's opinion; while holding out on decisions based on yet other public demands.


NOW FOR THE GOOD PART - To Collectors of "THE ORIGINAL WORKS" (which served as the models for these low numbered edition prints), you can proudly look forward to an appreciation in value of your piece(s). We ask you all, as stated in your original sales agreement, to handle and care for your pieces respectfully for posterity sake. We suggest - "Think like a Museum Conservator!" When in doubt - contact the Artist as her wish is to maintain a relationship with all her past paintings as well as her cherished collectors! 

Reminder, a Retrospective is not too far off on the horizon. The Artist, Collectors (and countless others involved) will want to present pristine cataloged works to the public for the ultimate success to serve all parties. If your piece is selected for such an event, we want to give you a heads-up now. A curator is sure to be calling you!  




From the Artist:


Greetings Collectors,

Art is always a wonderful gift to give that special someone, your family - or simply add to your collection. Prints are also a great way to start a collection, therefore I was equally happy to introduce and release Seven New Prints for 2011-2015 (view in Prints). 

I welcome you to visit all thirteen images available in print. Go to the two Print Departments of the Web-Gallery early during PROJECT ROOM A & B PROMOTIONS (soon to close) if you wish to take advantage of these short-lived promotions when they are available. If you need assistance in making a decision, do not hesitate to call me once initial contact has been made on the contact page. My number will be provided upon further required information. I will gladly grant private visits with clients in and around the Texas Hill Country to advise "on location" for the installation of a print(s). Under special circumstances, I will travel out of State/Country for meetings involving consultations and/or the installation of a larger collection of prints. 

Private commissioned prints are now being offered through this company with a variety of options. Please contact me for an appointment pertaining to any of the above; I would be delighted to meet with you on these very special and personal projects.

*Please remember (so that all goes smoothly) - delivery of orders is normally promised within 4-6 weeks unless deemed a Rush Order (with additional fees). If printing, production or delivery are expedited sooner, I will pass that good fortune on to you (on full-payment orders only)...and that's a promise!

Also be advised that my company no longer provides personal delivery services. I work with an exceptional company that can provide your archival framing needs, along with packing/crating, scheduled deliveries and installations. These prints are too large and delicate for my responsibility, however their company is a team of experts and are fully equipped, insured and able to do such a job. Having said that, I would certainly be happy to schedule a synchronized trip with the delivery truck, to further supervise and consult on location. Please ask about shipping, handling and delivery costs, as well as (if you request me to be present), my personal traveling and consultation fees (I promise to be kind...after all, I do want to meet you)! For safe delivery and optimum success, it really is worth doing it right.      



I always appreciate referrals from my collectors, visitors and friends. Share this web-site with your Art World enthusiast friends, and if a sale transpires as a result of your referral, I will offer a generous discount on your next purchase! I am always appreciative of intervention - as no artist realizes success without the help of our respective communities. My gratitude to you in advance!


Enjoy and best wishes,

Celina Hinojosa


Please note: any Company, Gallery or other Entity not linked to this site,

 which advertises the sales of Celina's work, is doing so falsely!

Please contact the Artist directly and she will clarify the problem.