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Celina Hinojosa Prints are now executed

Pigment on Watercolor Paper.

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Prayer in the Kitchen

        Miguel con Tunas


       El Juguetón se Llama


      (Now Available)

Still, In Reverence

The Lenten Harvest


     Cotton - 1965


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             Reyna's  Cantina


Celina Hinojosa prints are available in three formats (with a fourth Museum Size) and limited to small

editions. She has chosen the best color management printing operation in San Antonio, TX and works

closely with advisers, photographers, color technicians and a print master throughout the entire

production process. Editions are printed with Pigment on Archival Watercolor Paper. All prints

are available with a choice of handsome 3" borders, or with elegant hand-torn edges allowing for a

dramatic float presentation. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist and includes a

Certificate of Authenticity.