Above: (Detail ) : Canasta de Cebolla Roja Para Escabeche, © 2005, A/C, 30" x  40", Private Collection.  

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Welcome to Celina Hinojosa Fine Art. Celina is an Artist currently living in San Antonio, Texas. Originally from Deep South Texas Hinojosa has painted steadily since 1974. Though sales of her early work began in her formative years, to include advertisement illustrations in her early teens and later through a technical-drafting and illustrating career fresh out of college, her professional fine art painting career did not begin until early 1989. She is known for her dynamic and highly recognizable style with a concentrative focus on 'Vanishing Border Traditions and its People'. Her discipline is acrylic on canvas, yet has added works on paper to her repertoire with other exciting media in the works.  

As you visit this site, you will see an unveiling of colors indicative of her subjects as well as the exacting technique which has earned her the attention of collectors, scholars and the public alike. Hinojosa has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. You are invited to browse and revisit often, as this site will continue to bring forth new and exciting news about works on canvas and paper. Enjoy your visit!



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